DFDS gets biggest freight ferries ever

In 2019, DFDS will add two remarkable ships to the fleet of nearly 50 vessels.

​According to a contract signed on Friday 30 September, Jinling shipyard in China will deliver two freight ferries that are the biggest ferries ever to sail in DFDS network. 

Each ship will be able to carry 450 trailers. This means they are twice as big as the four ships that were delivered from the same shipyard in 2008 and 2009. And they are more than 40 percent bigger than DFDS' biggest ships now, the lengthened flower class ships built in Flensburg.

The new ships will also be the most energy-efficient ships ever to sail in DFDS’ fleet. The ships are the first to be built according to a new IMO-energy standard, which sets much lower limits for energy consumption and emissions in relation to the ship’s capacity and engine power.

- As the ships will also be built with a scrubber for the removal of sulphur and be fitted with a ballast water treatment system and a number of energy efficiency initiatives, they will represent a new generation of environmentally friendly Ro-Ro ships, says Niels Smedegaard, CEO of DFDS.

- The new ships will cut energy consumption and emissions by more than 25% per transported trailer compared to current standards. At the same time, the ships will be fitted with a unique ramp system, so they can be loaded and discharged in a very short space of time. Along with the sheer size of the ships, their efficiency means we will be able to provide the fast service and capacity, which our customers require and ask for. We are very much looking forward to presenting this new generation of ships to our customers, says Niels Smedegaard.​

Nyhetsemner:  DFDS Logistics
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