CLdN introduces new services

CLdN increases its sailing from Zeebrugge and Rotterdam to Scandinavia. In total there will be five sailings per week to Göteborg and two to Hirtshals

​The above map shows the route network of CLdN. Click on map to see all details. 

Press release from CLdN: 

In view of the present market situation and the strong demand for a reliable transport solution between the Iberian peninsula & the Nordic countries, CLdN ro-ro has decided to amend their services from/to the port of Göteborg as follows :

  • A newly offered service of two (2) sailings per week from Göteborg to Rotterdam and vice versa
  • Three (3) sailings per week from Göteborg to Zeebrugge and vice versa

Hence a frequency of five (5) sailings per week between Göteborg and the continent will be maintained.

In addition, following new ro-ro links will be available :

  • A newly offered service of one (1) sailing per week from Rotterdam to Hirtshals and vice versa
  • An extra call per week ex Göteborg into Hirtshals

With these changes, CLdN ro-ro opti​mizes its portfolio to the market by offering attractive lead times to a wide range of destinations.

The terminal in Rotterdam (NL) will as such become a main hub for transhipments to/from Santander (ES) & Leixões (PT). Similar to the set-up in Zeebrugge (BE), further shipments from/to Dublin (IE), London (UK) and Killingholme (UK) will also be possible.

The services between Zeebrugge (BE) & Hirtshals (DK) and Zeebrugge (BE) & Esbjerg (DK) will remain unchanged.

From Hirtshals a swift connection to/from Norway (Larvik, Langesund, Kristiansand, Bergen & Stavanger), the Faroes (Torshavn) and Iceland (Seydisfjordur) can be offered.

Following sailing schedule(s) will be applicable as from week 44/2016 onwards:


​​Departure Göteborg
​ Arrival Rotterdam ​Departure Rotterdam ​Arrival Göteborg
​Wednesday 03:00 ​Thursday 09:00 ​Monday 14:00 ​Tuesday 20:00
​Saturday 15:00
​Monday 07:00 
Thursday 17:00 ​
​Saturday 08:00


​Departure Göteborg
​​Arrival Zeebrugge ​Departure Zeebrugge ​Arrival Göteborg
​Thursday 06:00Friday 16:00​Tuesday 12:00 
​Wednesday 23:00
​Sunday 16:00​Tuesday 06:00 
​Friday 22:00 ​Sunday 09:00
​Tuesday 03:00 ​Wednesday 14:00 ​Sunday 10:00 ​Monday 20:00


Departure Hirtshals​Arrival Rotterdam​Departure Rotterdam ​Arrival Hirtshals
​Saturday 01:00 
Monday 07:00 
Thursday 17:00 
Friday 23:00


​Departure Hirtshals
​Arrival Zeebrugge ​Departure Zeebrugge ​Arrival Hirtshals
​Sunday 23:00 
​Tuesday 06:00 ​Friday 22:00 ​Sunday 21:00


​Departure Hirtshals 
​Arrival Göteborg ​Departure Göteborg ​Arrival Hirtshals
​Saturday 01:00 
​Saturday 08:00 ​Sunday 16:00 ​Sunday 21:00


​Departure Zeebrugge 
​Arrival Esbjerg ​Departure Esbjerg ​Arrival Zeebrugge
​Saturday 10:00 
​Sunday 10:00 
​Sunday 15:00 ​Monday 16:00

​Our modern ro-ro vessels are able to carry both trailers (either accompanied or unaccompanied), containers, cars, trucks and self-propelled machinery.

Please do note that our new rail service from Zeebrugge to Lyon, and vice versa, has also become effective as from week 43/2016 onwards offering a reliable and efficient inland transport solution for trailers, containers, swapbodies and tankcontainers.

For more information & prices, please send your e-mail to or contact :

  • Tel. Steven Van Loo : +352 26 44 66 265
  • Tel. Emil Holmgren : +46 31 64 47 79

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